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Shanghai Kendall Machinery & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise specializing in R&D, design, construction, repair and maintenance of cold storage. Kendall contracted to undertake various projects like large logistic cold storage, civil cold storage, low temperature cold storage, frozen equipment, Modified atmosphere cold storage, vacuum precooling and constant temperature and humidity and so on, with our professional refrigeration technology and installation technology. Over the years

CasesSuccessful case
Shanghai shendacheng frozen food cold storage project

Shanghai shendacheng frozen food col

上海沈大成食品有限公司是中华老字号企业上海沈大成餐饮速食有限公司下属企业。位于松江区九亭高科技园区寅 青路799号,专注于生产传统糕团和速冻点心。经营速冻食品制造制造 等产品。作为经营速冻食品制造制造 的企

Food storage: Zhejiang old uncle food storage case

Food storage: Zhejiang old uncle foo


Nanjing Want Want Group 1000 level cold storage project

Nanjing Want Want Group 1000 level c

工程名称 :南京旺旺集团 企业介绍: 旺旺之业务可追溯至台湾宜兰食品工业股份有限公司。旺旺于1992年正式投资大陆市场,是台湾第一个在大陆注册商标并且拥有最多注册商标的公司,于1994年在湖南设立第一家工厂,旺

Food Products Co., Ltd., Shandong Weihai large cold storage

Food Products Co., Ltd., Shandong We

(COFCO), founded in 1949, after years of effort, from the initial development of oil and food trading company to become China's leading agricultural and food areas of diversified products and services

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